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Real quick, answer these questions ... are you:

Fed up with the problems and challenges of reaching your real estate investment goals, personally and financially?
Discouraged because you can’t seem to find the key to unlock the door to massive wealth and true financial freedom?
Frustrated because you’d love to grab the below-wholesale deals available in today’s buyer’s market, but you think you can’t because you’re “tapped out”, “fully invested”, “cash poor”, or held back by not having a top credit score or the current “credit crunch”?
Scared and intimidated by the complexity of the "bigger deals" you think you need to do to finally build your retirement nest egg?

Those late-night infomercials make it look so easy and quick to succeed in real estate. Yet, sometimes it feels like it takes so long and seems so, so hard. Finally, there’s a proven system taught by a world-class faculty of experts to get all the money you need to buy all the deals you want to achieve massive wealth …

The ULTIMATE O.P.M. BOOT CAMP HOME STUDY COURSE finally makes raising huge amounts of money easy! Our team of experts will show you step-by-step how to create serious, life-changing, unlimited wealth by using O.P.M. ("Other People's Money").
The ULTIMATE O.P.M. BOOT CAMP HOME STUDY COURSE is the only workshop that reveals the most lucrative secrets of investors who have collectively made hundreds of millions of dollars by using O.P.M.
The ULTIMATE O.P.M. BOOT CAMP HOME STUDY COURSE gives you a powerful proven system you can begin using immediately to raise all the money you need to do your dream deals! If you're serious about making a full-time income with part-time effort, then you MUST INVEST in the ULTIMATE O.P.M. BOOT CAMP HOME STUDY COURSE!
"I am leaving with a plan that’s totally implementable and the tools necessary to execute my first syndication. I strongly recommend the bootcamp to anyone considering their own syndication and to those who just intend to participate as a passive investor." -- Teresa Emmett

"It convinced me that I absolutely must do a RE syndication and now there’s no excuse!" -- Mark Hanf

“[I]n much of the country, it's a buyer's market. And the savviest buyers are using that to their advantage." - RealEstateJournal.com, published by The Wall Street Journal, 8/10/07)

  “[R]eal estate is still a key component of any investment portfolio…”

- Business Week, 7/26/07

From The Desk of ...

Syndication Superstar
Robert Helms and
Jeff Lerman ...



BUY LOW - SELL HIGH! The wisdom of this proven success formula is self-evident and beyond dispute. According to the experts, RIGHT NOW is one of the best buyer’s markets in real estate history.

A few years from now, you’ll be looking back at this and, no matter how much real estate you buy, you’ll be kicking yourself for not buying more and taking full advantage of what could be some once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.

The problem for many investors is that they believe that all they can do is sit and watch the parade of opportunities pass them by, either because they’re already “fully invested” or because the “credit crunch” has shut down their ability to get the money they need. If that’s you, then get ready for some exciting news.

The “housing bubble” and the credit crunch have combined to create an amazing WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY to snap up some incredible bargains from:
Developers with too many houses sitting empty ...
Buyers who contracted to buy pre-construction deals years ago who can’t get loans to close ...
Owners bleeding negative cash flow because they can’t refi their adjusting loans ...
Buyers of any property who can’t get the funding they need to close ...
Sellers chasing the bottom of the market and scared to death they’ll trash their credit by losing their property to foreclosure ...
Motivated sellers all over ready to sell at below-wholesale prices to buyers with cash. But, that window won’t stay open forever. Sellers right now are desperately motivated to sell, but cash-poor buyers are sitting on their hands ...

Yes, "CASH IS KING!" But you’re not limited by whatever you have, or don’t have, in your own bank account.

"Very inspirational and motivating. One of the best investments of time/money I’ve ever made." -- Valerie Driessen

You can and should be using O.P.M.. Other People’s Money. Successful, smart investors have been using this proven technique for generations. It’s basically just allowing friends, family members, business associates and even new friends (otherwise known as strangers) to invest with you for a share of the deal. You can use O.P.M. to invest in any profit-making venture:

Pre-construction: Instead of buying just one lot, home or condo, why not buy 2, 5, 10 or 20? You’re spending your valuable time doing the due diligence anyway. Why not be more of a player and squeeze more profit from your resources by buying more of what you’re already buying?
Landbanking: these little-known but potentially high-yield ventures can be great O.P.M vehicles ...
DevelOPMent deals: these deals typically offer the "fattest" profit potential ...
Existing fixer-uppers: investors love these because they tend to be quicker turnarounds
Your existing investments: why not use O.P.M. to squeeze more profit from your existing portfolio? Bring investors into deals YOU ALREADY OWN so that you can pull your money out and go buy MORE! These deals have a built-in sales pitch to investors (“I loved this deal so much, I originally bought it with 100% of my OWN MONEY and I’ve taken most of the risk out of the deal by letting it season on my nickel”)
Your new business: you don’t need to use O.P.M. just to buy real estate. You can use it to start a new business like so many other entrepreneurs!




"World Class! This seminar will change your life…" -- David Campbell

"Good value for the money …" -- Magor Sanders


Once you learn the right way to use O.P.M., you will:

Boost your profits through the roof on every deal!
Reduce and diversify your risk!
Get as much money as you need!
Do as many deals as you want!
Make the current credit crunch your best friend!

The problem is that the O.P.M. process can be very intimidating, complicated and expensive IF you don’t know the simple, easy and affordable steps to make it happen.

"This has helped me understand all of the steps in using OPM and has given me the confidence to create my own deal. Highly recommended." -- Alan Russ

You Don't Need Tons of Real Estate
Investment Experience!

Many investors are intimidated by the thought of using O.P.M. They think it’s only for those who already have years of real estate investment experience. NOT TRUE!

"I started as public school band director but now I am doing multi-million dollar real estate deals because of the information I learned in Jeff Lerman's OPM Bootcamp. I recently closed escrow on a 14 acre shopping mall in Dallas, TX. I raised all of the capital I needed for the project from 14 investors in 7 days. Jeff taught me how to find unlimited capital for my deals while staying compliant with the SEC. My family cannot thank Jeff enough for the freedom he has helped us create! "

David Campbell, Officer
Fourth Dimension Real Estate, Inc.

Meet Doug Twillman. Doug used O.P.M. for his first direct real estate investment. Doug used this technique to raise $600,000 to buy a fixer-upper and says:

“With the help of Jeff Lerman, my business partners and I launched a commercial investments company. Jeff guided us through the process of determining which legal structures to use … and laid the foundation for the … subscription and operating agreements to serve as our templates going forward.”

Douglas Twillman, CFA
Managing Member
Ovation Real Estate Partners, LLC
Greenbrae, CA

Then there’s Ethan Stone. Ethan and his two buddies used these same O.P.M. techniques to put together their first real estate deal, too:

“Jeffrey Lerman's thorough knowledge of real estate law, efficiency, and understanding of critical details was instrumental in us effectively putting together a PPM for our first land develO.P.M.ent deal…”

Ethan Stone
Principal of The BluProperty Group

It Doesn’t Cost A
Fortune to Syndicate

Some think it will cost too much to do O.P.M. deals. You may have heard that high-priced big-firm lawyers charge $25,000, $35,000, $45,000 or more on fat syndication packages. That can be true. But with The Ultimate O.P.M. Bootcamp Home Study Course, we’ll teach you strategies for complying with all the necessary securities laws for a fraction of that cost.

Who Should You Buy the Ultimate
O.P.M. Bootcamp Home Study Course?

Anyone who wants to get rich quicker (note we didn’t say “get rich quick”; this is not some snake oil get rich quick scheme, but this PROVEN technique will definitely put you on a faster track to reaching your financial goals)

Anyone who wants to build their real estate empire on a part-time or full-time basis and make a LOT of money!
Anyone who is ready to make serious money in real estate investing
Anyone who is interested in diversifying their investments
Anyone who is interested in diversifying their risk in their investments
You Don't Need a Whole Lot of Talent

Here's a revelation... the most successful syndicators are NOT necessarily the smartest or most talented. Fortunately, you don't have to be the best in your field to be the richest -- what you need is the drive, the vision and the knowledge of how to package and market your investments so your investors know the value of what you offer.

Are You Already In The Biz?
Take It To The Next Level!

Some of you reading this are already working with O.P.M., doing small deals with close friends and relatives, or maybe even doing a more advanced syndication. You are probably comfortable in your way of doing things, which is fine if you are satisfied with what you are earning. If that is your attitude, you're suffering from either a lack of ambition or fear of being "wrong". It's probably the latter, because we all have egos and often ignore what could be great opportunities to learn from others. But, you can choose to put down your ego for a weekend and make more money, or you can let your ego be more important than your WALLET! It's your choice.

Consider this ... if you can learn a few good ideas to improve your bottom line by 20% or more, how much would that add to your bank account? Even if you are already making good money investing in real estate, you can add tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands, even millions of dollars to your bank account at a MINIMUM from the new ideas you will learn at this event. Every savvy entrepreneur knows that there is always something to be learned from others, even those that do things differently. If you are in the real estate investing business, you can make your tuition price back in MULTIPLES, and then some, if you take action on what you’ll learn at this event! No matter where you are in your investing career, we promise that you have not reached your full potential, and the ULTIMATE O.P.M. BOOTCAMP HOME STUDY COURSE will take you to the next level!

"This course should be 'required' for any aspiring syndicator — a must do for you and your future investors." -- Laura Powers

Don't Re-Invent the Wheel!
Learn From Someone Else!

We didn't learn the syndication business overnight. In fact, it took years. The books on this topic are mostly written for lawyers and completely incomprehensible to the non-lawyer. In fact, there are so many complicated and confusing laws on this topic, you’d be crazy to try to learn this on your own. The good news is you can use the experience of our world-class faculty and apply the system we’ll teach you how to do your own real estate investing.

A system is something that someone has already done and found to be successful. Experience shows, this is the best way to bridge the gap from ideas and intentions to implementation to results in the shortest time and with the least amount of effort. A system is something that is proven, tested, reliable and repeatable. It means that someone else has done all the work and figured out what works and what doesn't. This is why franchises like "Subway" are so popular. People pay $100,000 or more for a system so that they don’t have to spend years figuring it out. They also are willing to pay big bucks because a proven system means less risk for them. The good news is that the systems you’ll learn at this bootcamp won't cost you big bucks - in fact the ULTIMATE O.P.M. BOOTCAMP HOME STUDY COURSE is a steal at ANY price, because you can make it back MANY TIMES OVER once you start using these simple techniques!

Look at All the Valuable "Insider"
Information You Will Learn ...

Frankly, as far as we know, there is NO OTHER home study course available in any place, at any price, that covers all of these topics in as comprehensive, competent and entertaining a fashion as our team of experts will cover it. Here's just a partial list of topics:

You’ll learn our exclusive Wealth Builder Express System™ that will make it faster and easier for you to complete virtually every aspect of your O.P.M. process…everything from finding the right deal to complying with the appropriate securities laws.

How to recognize the best deals for O.P.M. … and which ones not to waste your time, money and effort on ...

Negotiating strategies and techniques to lock in a deal while you’re raising O.P.M. ...

Alternative deal structures…the more strategies you know, the more deals you can do (for example, you’ll learn the 2-step O.P.M. structure to help you capture more profit on your development deals, the Reverse O.P.M. to help you pull more money out of your existing deals, the Multi-national O.P.M. structure for your foreign investments, and so much more)
Multiple ways to get paid…Just learning one of these could easily justify this entire investment!
The rock-bottom least expensive ways to make the securities laws work for you…your savings from knowing these methods will far exceed your investment in this weekend
How you can get started using O.P.M. immediately, even if you don’t have any friends, family or investors
Step-by-step instructions to assembling the proper documents
Private Placement Memorandum Template…this by itself will save you thousands of dollars in attorneys fees!
Creating a compelling offering
How to present your opportunity to investors so they beg you to take their money…if you get just one more $50,000 investor by using these techniques, this weekend will have paid for itself many times over
Powerpoint Investment Meeting Template…you can use this whether you’re meeting with an investors one-on-one, in front of a group or in a webinar
Proper procedures for handling investor funds…learning the simple, right way from the beginning can make the difference between keeping and losing your hard-earned investors
Accounting for O.P.M. deals…if you don’t understand how this is different from your individual deals, it could mean big trouble for you
Ongoing investor relations…how to keep your best investors coming back for more and bringing their friends
Financing of group deals … from conventional to creative
Avoiding the most common minefields & pitfalls
And much, much more!

Let us be blunt ... if you mess this up, you can go straight to jail (just ask Martha Stewart or Ken Lay). There are federal and state securities laws that govern what you can and can't do to present your investment to prospective investors, and what you should and should not say in your investment package. We cover all of that, plus give you the disclosures and documents every O.P.M. investor needs! That's our main interest besides making you money - PROTECTING YOUR BACKSIDE!!

Ultimate O.P.M. Bootcamp
Home Study Course Faculty

Don’t you hate those seminars that try to tackle a complicated legal topic, but they’re taught by just one or two non-lawyers or one person who claims to be an “expert” in every topic? Even when the seminar lasts an entire weekend and covers a broad range of topics? Well, here we’ve assembled pershaps the most impressive collection of talent in their respective fields in the country. Each is a recognized expert in their respective areas of real estate investment, syndication, securities law compliance, tax, accounting, sales and marketing.

Your Co-Host, Robert Helms is the host of the nationally syndicated radio talk show and the TV talk show The Real Estate Guys™. For seventeen years, he was a top producing real estate agent in partnership with his father and mentor Bob Helms. Robert has real-world expertise in real estate brokerage, property management, syndication and real estate develO.P.M.ent. He has co-founded several real estate related companies with projects, properties and sales in the hundreds of millions of dollars. Robert also has taught at the college level and is the featured mentor at the Real Estate Investor Mentoring Club which he co-founded with Russell Gray.
Your Co-host, Attorney Jeff Lerman, is the 2007 President of the Marin County Bar Association, former Co-Chair of the California State Bar Real Estate Litigation Section, former Co-Chair of the Marin County Bar Real Property Section (note, however, this event is not endorsed or sponsored by any bar association) and former General Counsel for two real estate syndication companies. He is known as “The Real Estate Investor’s LawyerSM” and he represents real estate investors in transactional and litigation matters, including the formation of syndications. He has co-founded or is an investor in companies owning real estate valued at hundreds of millions of dollars.
Samuel K. Freshman is perhaps the nation’s leading expert in syndications. Mr. Freshman is a lawyer and is also Chairman of Standard Management Company, which he founded in 1961. During his career, Mr. Freshman has been responsible for the acquisition, develO.P.M.ent and management of approximately $500 million of real property portfolio in 11 states and more than 25 cities. Mr. Freshman has served as Adjunct Professor of Real Estate at the University of Southern California Graduate School of Business, as an expert witness in over 50 cases and is past Chairman of the Legal & Accounting Committee of the California Real Estate Assocation Syndication Division.
Mason A. Dinehart III has been qualified before the California courts as an expert witness in the securities industry. He has served as Branch Manager for 5 securities companies. He has also been in charge of Marketing Compliance for 200 registered representatives. Areas of strength include: Common stocks, bonds, IPO's, L.P.'s, variable annuities, REITS, mutual funds & private stock offerings. ScoreCards analysis*, P&L's & damage calculations provided. Testifying as to unsuitability, breach of fiduciary duty, lack of due diligence & supervision, churning, stock manipulation, margin, options, best execution & RIA.
Yunna Barats has over 10 years of public accounting experience, the majority of which have been spent serving the real estate industry, including commercial and residential developers, builders, investors, land entitlement companies, construction and syndicators. Yunna’s tax expertise includes consulting services in the areas of tax-deferred exchanges, entity selection, structuring transactions to defer or minimize taxes, tax credit analysis, debt restructuring, reorganization, exit strategies, transfers of wealth between generations, and mergers and acquisitions. She takes an entrepreneurial approach to problem solving to minimize taxes for her clients so they can maintain their competitive edge.
Dr. Donald Moine, PhD is the co-author of the books, "Unlimited Selling Power: How to Master Hypnotic Skills" and "Ultimate Selling Power: How to Create and Enjoy a Multi-Million Dollar Sales Career". Dr. Donald Moine is considered one of the founders and pioneers in the new field of Sales Psychology. A frequent convention speaker for Fortune 500 companies, Dr. Moine has delivered sales training seminars across the United States, Canada, Mexico, Europe, Australia, and the Far East. Dr. Moine has appeared on more than 100 major talk-radio and television shows. He has been "the guy behind the guy" of dozens of top-name speakers and authors and is the #1 expert on writing persuasive marketing and sales pitches. Very recently, one of Don's clients delivered a 1 hour sales pitch that yielded over $1 million!
Robert Cohen is one of the most successful syndicators in the country. His is an inspiring rags-to-riches story, culminating in his development and ownership of the Four Seasons Hotel at Beverly Hills.


The most popular part of this course is something called “THE BILLION DOLLAR BRAINSTORM” session. Three of the faculty, who together have used this technique to amass a fortune of over $1,000,000,000 in real estate share their insider secrets and answer questions from the crowd of investors just like you.

"I now know that I CAN DO IT! Extremely strong recommendation. This course is worth every penny!" -- Dave Colicchio

Before I cut to the chase, let me ask you a question: "Can you put a price tag on success"? Sales guru Zig Ziglar used to ask, "is it price that concerns you, or is it COST?" If you try to do O.P.M. deals on your own without learning from others, it will COST you much more in lost revenue, in mistakes, and in wasted time. In fact, most people reading this page don't even know what they don't know about the syndication business until they make a big mistake that costs them tens of thousands of dollars. The price of this seminar is not cheap - no good seminar is cheap! But the VALUE is what is important, and the value here is what you will LEARN and EARN from the combined DECADES of experience in this business of our incredible faculty.

Here's what you get with your paid tuition:

2.5 full days of training, all recorded on CDs, during which our incredible faculty will share with you their decades of experience on finding deals, structuring deals, building your investor list, complying with securities laws, proper tax and accounting for O.P.M. deals, the magic words and ideas to tap into investor money as efficiently and ethically as possible - nothing held back in all of these disciplines! It will blow you away, and we back that up with a 100% money-back guarantee. More on that in a bit...

The experience of our expert panel who rarely speak openly and share what they know. We've invited top industry experts to share information, stuff that you will never hear anywhere else.

A boot camp manual with 1,800 pages of incredible content, forms and templates. Just one of these forms can save you thousands of dollars.

Similar events that are less complete have sold for upwards of $10,000, which is still cheap compared to what you will earn in this business. People pay $100,000 or more for a franchise that takes years to earn back, making sandwiches for a living! Being a professional syndicator can be a part-time business that will make you much more money and give you financial freedom to live your life the way you want, travel with your family and earn residual income for years to come!

With that mind, THE COMPLETE HOME STUDY COURSE IS JUST $2,997, BUT, keep reading for some incredible bonuses. You will make it back many times over, so don't even THINK about it for a minute - by the time you ponder about it and make up your mind, you will have lost thousands of dollars. Don't delay, act right now!

"Appreciated that bootcamp was comprehensive and did not sell another bootcamp!" -- Wendy Chang



If you purchase by midnight tonight, you will receive $500 OFF the regular price (of $2,997) for this home study course! But, you must act by midnight tonight to receive this special $500 discount!

1 Hour of Legal Advice

The Ultimate O.P.M. Bootcamp Home Study Course will save you thousands of dollars on legal fees. But you’ll still need an experienced lawyer to help customize your O.P.M. deal and hold your hand through the process. This bonus is good for 1 FREE HOUR of Jeff Lerman’s time when you use his law firm for your O.P.M. project.
Want The Course For Free?

Here are two simple steps you can take to attend for free:

Step #1: Refer your friends. We’ll pay you a $100 referral fee for every person who buys this course. Just forward them a link to this website — the event sells itself!). The more you refer, the more you save! Refer enough and we’ll end up paying you to come to our event! Just email us the first and last name and email address of your referrals and we’ll make sure to give you credit when they purchase the home study course.

Step #2: Send us your success story. Apply what you learn from this course, take action, and send us your success story (tell us how much you raised, what kind of deal you did, how great you felt about changing your life, etc.), give us permission to use your story and your first and last name and city in future marketing materials, and we’ll pay you a $250 reward!

*OUR GUARANTEE: You'll Love It, or
You Won't Pay A Dime!
If you are skeptical that's normal. But I don't want you to miss out on this training just because some event you've attended in the past didn't live up to your expectations.
Instead, take advantage of our no-risk MONEY-BACK Guarantee and see for yourself if this program is worth your money! Frankly, I don't want to keep a red-cent of your tuition unless you are absolutely ecstatic about everything you've learned.
If you purchase The Ultimate O.P.M. Bootcamp Home Study Course and are not satisfied for any reason, simply return your materials in re-saleable condition within 30 days and we'll give you a 100% refund.

YES! I want to buy The Ultimate O.P.M. Bootcamp "Home Study Course!"
I want to learn cutting-edge techniques for making money in the syndication business!
I understand that I get special bonuses for purchasing the home study course!
I understand that I have absolutely no risk because my investment is completely refundable if I buy the course and am not 100% satisfied for one full year after I buy the course!

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Take action NOW and change your life forever. But, don't even THINK about putting it off, because we expect these Home Study Courses to be sold out soon. We look forward to helping you!

Best of success,

Robert Helms
Professional Investor

Jeff Lerman
Attorney and Investor

P.S. — Remember, you're protected with our no-risk, ironclad 100% money back guarantee. Enroll now!

P.P.S. — This course may be tax deductible*, so it really costs 1/3 less!

P.P.S. — This course is not a substitute for legal advice.

"This may be the best event I ever attended!" -- David Kang   "Overall, really great value for your time and money." -- Eric Rude

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